Shanxi Danyuan Carbon Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Danyuan” for short) is a joint-stock enterprise consisting of Han River Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Power Group Co., Ltd., Danjiangkou Key Water Control Project Small Hydropower Stations Holdings Co., Ltd., Shanxi Dongsheng Carbon Industry Co., Ltd., Shanxi Qixian Dongguan Village Committee and the Staff Joint-stock Foundation of Shanxi Danyuan Carbon Holdings Co., Ltd. Danyuan is a professional manufacturer of carbon products including prebaked anode, cathode, graphite electrode, electrode paste and charcoal electrode.

Currently, Danyuan, with indomitable and advancing spirit, firm and steady steps, is to open up new fields. We believe that with the support and care of local government departments and friends from all walks of life, all our staff, with unified, progressive and innovative spirit, will contribute to the country and society with more brilliant achievements.